Father Robson limits profile comments on the web after criticism from the faithful about the MP’s allegations of misuse of donations in Afipe

Religious is investigated in an operation that investigates irregularities in the Association Filhos do Pai Eterno (Afhos), of which he is the founder and president.

Faithful of the Catholic Church and visitors to the Sanctuary Basilica of Trindade, in the Metropolitan Region of the capital, expressed surprise and disappointment in the social networks of Father Robson de Oliveira, after the Public Ministry of the State of Goiás (MP-GO) started an operation to investigate deviations donations at Associação Filhos do Pai Eterno (Afipe). Father Robson is the founder and president of Afipe and rector of the Basilica.

In his last post on a profile on the web, two days ago, followers of the priest left messages on Friday (21), the day on which the operation was launched, questioning the veracity of the complaints and reporting sadness in relation to the case. Popular on social media, Father Robson currently has 761,000 followers.


Father Robson limits profile comments on the web after criticism


After criticism and questioning arose, Father Robson limited comments in his publications. Since the beginning of this Saturday (22), it is not possible to leave messages in your account on a social network.

To G1, the defense of the religious said, at 1:06 pm, that the limitation of comments only occurs for those who are not followers of the priest. The report made the tests and, even so, the comments remain limited. The defense claims that this is an Instagram “delay”. The defense also said that the comment limitation “was not set up after criticism, it has always been so”.

During a press conference on Friday, the priest’s defense lawyers said the priest was “upset about accusations, but calm”. Also according to the defense, Afipe and the priest are at the disposal of the Public Ministry and collaborating with the investigations. Still, on Friday, Father Robson de Oliveira asked to leave his duties at the Sanctuary Basilica of the Divine Eternal Father and Afipe.

Social media reviews

In one of the comments, a woman said, “Disappointment sums up my feeling.” “I am very disappointed with all of this happening, I am groundless, I don’t want to believe it,” said another follower.

Another follower said it was “shameful”. “Failing to continue, the denunciations are shameful. I am shocked, disappointed, ”she said.

Among most comments, shock and surprise. “I’m in shock. I could never imagine such a terrifying thing. At this moment, when we are in need of God and a lot of faith, the name of the Catholic Church is thrown on the earth ”, said a follower.

“Praying that everything is a lie, but if it is true, how could you abuse the faithful’s good faith?” Asked another person in the comments.


Despite the criticism, there are also some messages of support for the priest. “Count on our prayers. Nothing is hidden from God, everything will be fine, ”said one person.

A follower even mentioned that the priest is being the victim of a “trap”. “May the Divine Eternal Father bless and enlighten you today and always, and free the lord from that persecution, that trap that they made to bring you down.”

Operation ‘Vendilhões’

The operation carried out this Friday investigates irregularities in Afipe, the entity responsible for the Sanctuary Basilica of Trindade. The following crimes are investigated:

Money laundry
Document forgery
Tax evasion
Criminal association

Judge Placidina Pires, who issued the search and seizure warrants, also ordered the blocking of R $ 60 million of the association’s assets. The MP-GO even asked for the arrest of Father Robson, but the magistrate denied it.

According to the complaint, Afipe’s money embezzlement network also involves communication companies, gas stations, and even the vice mayor of Trindade Gleysson Cabriny de Almeida (PSDB), according to the complaint of the Public Ministry.

By message, the politician told G1 that he did not have access to the process and should only comment after having knowledge of the records.
Donations from the faithful

According to the complaint of the Public Ministry, Robson created “several associations with the fancy name Afipe or similar, with the same purpose, address, and name.”, for social works and for the construction of the New and Definitive Casa do Pai Eterno, in Trindade ”and that, for this purpose, receive donations from the faithful from all over Brazil.

Between 2016 and 2018, donations reached an amount of more than R $ 746 million, according to the agency, which investigates whether part of the amount, approximately R $ 120 million, was diverted to companies and people investigated in the process.

According to the secretary of Public Security, Rodney Miranda, the volume of money handled “presupposes illegality”. In a decade, researchers estimate a movement of almost R $ 2 billion in bank accounts.

“The volume of money presupposes some illegality,

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