Manu Gavassi and Gloria Groove release video

Manu Gavassi went blonde for R $ 500 thousand, opened his own advertising agency and launches video clip with Gloria Groove


Manu Gavassi went blonde for R $ 500 thousand, opened his own advertising agency, and launches video clip with Gloria Groove.

The actress, voice actor, writer, creative director and screenwriter, and above all, singer and songwriter Manu Gavassi – Manoela Latini Gavassi Francisco continues to innovate and her success in everything she does grows.

Now, she has closed partnerships with cosmetics, soft drinks, clothing, and footwear companies. However, to change the color of her hair, she charged R $ 500 thousand much more than the normal fee that usually stays around R $ 60 thousand. However, this advertising campaign was developed by its own agency.

And success does not stop. After receiving all the applause for her song “Audio of Excuses” she is launching a duet with Gloria Groove in the song “It must be awful to sleep without me”. The music video is sponsored by Tik Tok.
Therefore, “People criticize Manu Gavassi Manu uses criticism as creative material and polishes everything with impeccable technical quality. She doesn’t care if people don’t take her seriously, because neither does she. She is aware of her defects and makes fun of it as much as anyone who doesn’t like her. She knows her place and in that place, she positions herself with excellence ”, said Matt Pistache.
In addition, Manu’s ex-boyfriend, Chay Suede and Laura Neiva, the actor’s current wife, also participate in the clip. They play “Boy cat with the face of someone who will end your life” and “Extremely beautiful producer with a bow in her hair”.

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